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Faroese Volleyball AssociationFaroese Volleyball Association - Faroese Volleyball Association Gí - Gřtu Ítróttarfelag is a football club from the Faroe Islands.
Havnar BóltfelagHavnar Bóltfelag - HB is a semi-professional football club, all adult players have civilian jobs Kí - KÍ, established 1904, was originally a tennis club. The letters KÍ can be translated into Klaksvík Sports club, and soon football and later handball became the main line of sports in KÍ.
Klaksvíkar RóđrarfelagKlaksvíkar Róđrarfelag - Klaksvíkar Róđrarfelag is a Faroese rowing club, which main goal is to participate and increase the interest for rowing in the Northern Islands. SportalSportal - Faroese sports portal
Talvsamband FřroyaTalvsamband Fřroya - The Faroese Chess Federation.


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